IB Theatre

About the Course

Like other International Baccalaureate courses, the IB Theatre course provides a world-class preparation for university and life beyond. Through advanced studies and an accelerated pace, students  will consistently practice and demonstrate their critical thinking, research, performance, and presentation skills. In the first semester, students will practice performing through four specific assignments: solo acting performance (contrasting monologues), duet acting performance  (partner scene), group acting performance (three to five person scene), and ensemble acting performance (one-act play). These assignments will be evaluated in class but also taken for adjudication at the Virginia Thespian Festival on January 4th-6th. The second semester will give both students in SL and HL ample opportunity to complete their IB projects. Students in Level 1 will complete their World Traditions and Productional Proposal projects. Students in Level 2 will complete their Collaborative Projects (and Solo Projects if in HL).