International Thespian Society

The Thespian Pledge

"I promise to uphold the aims and ideals of the International Thespian Society. I am a student of the theatre and excellence is my ideal. I promise to perform my part as well as I can; to cooperate with my fellow Thespians and work for the good of the troupe; and to share my love of theater."

Our Events

Reston Stars Fundraiser Cabaret- September 7th

Halloween Cabaret- October 28th

Virginia Thespian Festival- January 4th - 6th

VHSL One-Act Competition- January 26th

February Cabaret- February 13th

NYC Trip- May 26th-28th

End of Year Theatre Banquet- May 31st

Our 2023-2024 Officers

Ellie Janow


"Hi I’m Ellie and I’m a rising senior who will be the ITS president for the 23-24 school year. I’ve been involved in theatre since freshman year as a stage manager and I tend to enjoy it even though it can be stressful at times. I’m looking forward to all of our fundraising and outreach events we have planned for next year."

Henry Carter

Co-Vice President

"Hi everyone, my name is Henry Carter and I am a senior. I am this year’s ITS co vice president and will be in charge of many tasks. However, I will mainly be focusing on planning theatre events such as cabarets and community fundraisers to help continue creating wonderful shows, supporting creative initiatives and field trips!"

George Winfree

Co-Vice President

"Hello, my name is George Winfree. I am the Co-Vice President of the ITS chapter at South Lakes with the amazing Henry Carter. I was the Student Director for Bright Star, which won many awards including Best Musical. As the Co-Vice President I plan to sustain past traditions, while also opening the doors for future ideas and new ventures. I want to make sure all feel welcome and a part of this theatre community by working with each and every member. I hope to be the best officer that I can to serve this department that I love so much!!!”

Hadley Smith


"Hi, I’m Hadley Smith, a junior at South Lakes and the proud secretary of our ITS board! I’ve been a part of all of South Lakes’ main stage shows since my freshman year, along with being in theatre class. I’m super excited to really grow our ITS and theatre appreciation as a whole, and to get our troupe to be more involved with mainstage productions! I’m also proud to be leading junior traditions for both productions, as well as helping our lovely public relations leaders during both. Let’s see what this year brings!

Owen Smith


"Hey guys I'm Owen Smith and I'll be your 2023-24 ITS Clerk. I'm a senior and have been in the past three mainstage productions as well as all sorts of cabarets and fundraisers. This year I will mainly be keeping track of ITS members and their points but I also hope to encourage more than just singing in cabarets as well as participation from students outside the theater community so that we can showcase our entire school's talents. Looking forward to seeing you guys and having an amazing year!!"

Noah Kennedy


"Hello!! I'm Noah and I'm your Historian for this year. I have been in the past two musicals for South Lakes and I plan to finally take part of every performance that this school produces. As Historian, I plan to show you all a glimpse of how our theatre department runs and archive it for all our memories. My goal is to spread the love that we all have of creating this beautiful art."

Josh Lewis

Co-Public Relations Liaison

"My name is Josh Lewis and I’m a senior at South Lakes and the ITS Co-lead of marketing and publicity. I’ve been in numerous main-stage productions at South Lakes over the years and I love being involved in the theatre community. As co-head of marketing and publicity, I plan to effectively publicize the events happening surrounding South Lakes Theatre through social media, fundraisers, and promotional material for our shows alongside my co-lead, Itsuko Scoville! I can’t wait to make this school year an awesome year for theatre!!

Itsuko Scoville 

Co-Public Relations Liaison

"Hey! I’m Itsuko Scoville, a junior at South Lakes and I am so pumped to be one of your public relations co-leads! I have been in every mainstage show since my freshman year, and I can’t wait to get started on publicizing the upcoming ones this year along with fundraising events, cabarets, outreach events, and so much more! I am one of the two co-founders for the Reston Stars initiative with August Rivers, and plan to incorporate that into my ideas for promoting the art of theatre for this year. Can’t wait to get started!"

Eliana Redford

Improv Club Liason

"Hello I’m Eliana, I am a junior and have been performing for over a decade. I was in Peter and the Starcatcher as well as tech for Bright Star. I will be the leader of the Improv Troupe for the 2023-2024 school year and I am so excited to see what we can accomplish as a community this year!"

August Rivers

Community Service Outreach Officer 

"Hi! My name is August Rivers and this year I’ll be serving as one of your Community Service Outreach Officers for ITS! We work to build deeper community ties between our department and the Reston community, which we accomplish by working with our feeder schools as well as overseeing our department's charity efforts. This year I’m excited to begin organizing community fundraisers, building connections between South Lakes and Langston Hughes’ theatre programs, and working on the launch of Reston Stars."

Mae Shaw

Community Service Outreach Officer 

"Hi I’m Mae and I am one of the community outreach liaisons for ITS! I am a senior at South Lakes and I am so excited for the upcoming school year. I will be the lead communicator between the theatre departments at Rachel Carson, Langston Hughes and South Lakes! I will also be helping with all of the events we plan to host revolving around our department, as well as helping my co-head, August, with his projects in our department."

Ellie Ngo

Tech Liaison

"Hi! I'm Ellie Ngo, and I'm the tech liaison for the 2023-2024 year. I stage managed my freshman and sophomore year, and did a combination of costumes, sets, hair, and makeup this past year. I was a part of the Cappie nominated stage management team and stage crew team my sophomore year as well. I love getting to know everyone in the company and learn new things from all of them!"

Oliva Benjamin 

VTF Liaison

"Hello! I’m Olivia, your 2023-24 VTF Liaison.  I’m looking forward to helping coordinate, communicate, and advocate for our school surrounding Virginia Thespian and any events such as Virginia Thespian Festival!"