Technical Theatre

About the Course

Students taking technical theatre, no matter the level, will explore various areas of technical production including  lighting, sound, set design & construction, properties, costumes and makeup. Tech. theatre is a unique class in our theatre program, which has an immediate and necessary application. This course will provide the student with many opportunities for creative problem solving, team building, and the satisfaction of seeing something they produced on the South Lakes stage.

Students will develop an understanding of the design and production processes for each of these technical areas and have practice implementing and fulfilling those processes through their participation in our mainstage productions.  For students in Technical Theatre 2-4, participation in co-curricular activities such as the fall play and spring musical productions is required. This means that students will have after school rehearsals, specifically late October and early November and April and early May. The level of involvement and time requirements is determined by which technical committee a student is on. For students in Tech. Theatre 2-4, their work on the fall play will be adjudicated for the Thespys Competition at the Virginia Thespian Festival (January 4th-6th) and their work on the spring musical will be adjudicated for the Brandon Victor Dixon Awards and Cappies. 

 As students progress through the technical theatre course, they will be provided more leadership opportunities.